We aim to provide training in empirical research methods to students by collaborating with universities across India. To this end, we have designed a course which offers training in quantitative analytical techniques based on statistics and econometrics, through the use of software Stata, and discusses methods of causal analysis such as impact evaluation.

Course on Research Methods

Phase I Workshops

Workshops will be conducted in Indian universities offering post-graduate courses in economics. The seminars will include training in statistical software, Stata and presentations of fundamental econometric methods, useful for economic empirical analysis.

Phase II Workshops

These seminars will build on the knowledge developed in Phase I to continue discussion of quantitative methods for empirical analysis, with further software training in Stata. The workshop will conclude with student presentations based on an empirical research project.

Phase III Workshops

The final phase will integrate previously developed knowledge in quantitative analysis and will present extensions and applications of econometric methods to answer policy-relevant research questions. The course will discuss impact evaluation methods such as the difference-in-differences research design and matching estimators.